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Q: What is the meaning of life?

Mathematician: I’m glad you asked. The theory of evolution with natural selection sheds some light on the question of why humans exist, which in turn relates to the meaning of life. First of all, let me get this out of … Continue reading

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Q: Why is e to the i pi equal to -1?

Physicist: This equation () was recently voted one of the most famous equations ever.  That isn’t part of the answer, it’s just interesting. First, you’ll find (by plugging them into a graphing calculator and graphing) that: 1) 2) 3) Where … Continue reading

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Q: How does a refrigerator work?

Physicist: “Making cold” is impossible, so a “refrigerator” is really just a heat pump.  Scientists don’t talk about much beyond of a handful of thought experiments.  Quantum physicists: double slit, relativists: trains, thermodynamicists: mirrored boxes and pistons, etc..  Refrigerators can … Continue reading

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Q: How do I find the love of my life?

Physicist: If you assume that there’s one person “out there” for you, and you share a deep connection, then go with that. If you don’t believe in the “deep connection” part, then you’re shit out of luck. The question I … Continue reading

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Q: Why does “curved space-time” cause gravity?

Physicist: In a flat space local ideas about “parallel” and “perpendicular” are global.  That is, if two lines are parallel, and you follow them for a while, then they’ll still be parallel.  (By “flat” here I mean exactly this property, … Continue reading

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Q: What is monotony?

Physicist: It seems fair to say that monotony goes hand in hand with predictability which goes hand in hand with low entropy.  So (mathematically speaking), you can reasonably define monotony as the reciprocal of entropy, or something like that.

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