Q: What is monotony?

Physicist: It seems fair to say that monotony goes hand in hand with predictability which goes hand in hand with low entropy.  So (mathematically speaking), you can reasonably define monotony as the reciprocal of entropy, or something like that.

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  1. lazer nanes says:

    I’m sure the questioner loved that response.

  2. Tazo says:

    Very predictable answer. Predictability is the problem with a universe that is viewed as deterministic and essentially dead. Human aliveness is decisional in the midst of the mystery, wonder, and awe of the universe. Decisionality is required because being human is ambiguous either because in the immediacy of a “decision event” life is too complex for us to understand (either because of ambiguity or lack of “models”, i.e., “knowledge”). Events (decision points) motivate and inherently destroy boredom. Artists constantly face decisions as they ponder how to relate “disparate things” into “uncommon relationships” to create new perspectives. In this sense many physicists and mathematicians are artists. Most physicists, mathematicians, and other scientists do not see being alive as boring or predictable…just look at their own personal lives. When viewing the whole universe we must also view human lived experience as “a fact” and ponder its ambiguity and excitement.

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