Video: The Scientific Investigation of Aliens – Evidence Examined

This talk given at Nerd Nite (NYC) by the Mathematician discusses some of the evidence that has been proposed for the idea that technologically advanced aliens have already arrived on earth, including UFO photographs, crop circles, and abduction stories.

The PowerPoint presentation of this lecture, including references:

Download the Scientific Investigation of Aliens PowerPoint Presentation

Part 1 of the video of this lecture:

Part 2 of the video of this lecture:



Roper Poll Survey 1999 :

Public Opinion Polls on UFOs :

CNN/TIME Poll 1997 :

Gallup Poll 2005:

Hallucination Poll Data :

“Prevalence of hallucinations and their pathological associations in the general population”, 2000 by Maurice M. Ohayon

Crop Circles

The International Crop Circle Database :

Why Crop Circles Can’t Be Hoaxed :


Hill Abduction:

Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting:

Susan Blackmore on Aliens :

John Edward Mack :


Number of Planets in the Galaxy :

Number of Galaxies in the Universe :

Number of planets in our galaxy :

Meteorites :

Other Info

Photo Tampering Throughout History :

Alien Abduction Insurance:

Alien Abduction Insurance Articles :

Aliens and Children :

Developments in Crop Circles Over Time :

Top 10 Controversial pieces of evidence for extraterrestrial life :

The Drake Equation :

The Flake Equation :

UFOs :

Causes of Hallucinations :

Crop Circle :

Sleep Paralysis :

Water Bears :


Best of UFOs (part 1) :

Documentaries About Aleins :

Crop Circle Being Made (Schofields Quest – Doug Bower 1994) :

UFO sighting (part 2/3) :

National Geographic Crop Circles :

Why people believe strange things:


Best UFO Photos:

Strange Flying Machines Slideshow :

UFO Photo Competitions :

Circle Makers :

UFO Drawings :

Three spooky UFO vidoes :

UFO Haiti :

List of Military Aircraft in the United States :

Balloon Boy Balloon :

Sun Dogs:

Lenticular Clouds :

Photoshopped Images :


The Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan :

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One Response to Video: The Scientific Investigation of Aliens – Evidence Examined

  1. John says:

    I just wanted to comment on your presentation.

    First, it seems you did this for more humor reasons then any educational reasons which tells me your the 50% of smart people who have already made up his/her mind without closely examining ALL of the fact’s dating back to 1946 and even back to famous art work dating back 100’s to 1000’s of years clearly depicting UFO images almost exact-like to the top pictures that have been captured today. I don’t think air craft existed 400 years ago did it? Also, I haven’t seen a bird on this earth that resembles a “large saucer shape” so animals are invalid.

    Second, all of your images you used were some of the worst I have ever seen. Now I will say that I think 75-80% of all video/image of “UFO” craft are hoaxed or random atmospheric pressure and or Millitary aircraft and human craft, i:e weather balloons etc.. But when you see the other 20% dating back to the early 1940’s there is no explanation. Especially Photoshop, when computers were decades away and Photo/Video editing software purely artistic fantasy.

    With that said I conclude with the strongest point of all. I have seen over 300 Ex/retired Government scientists interviewed and most importanly High Ranking Air Force officials that directly admit that UFO’s do exist and are not from Planet Earth. Oh and the mere fact of numerous times the United States Government and Air Force gave the funniest explanations aka, “excuses” of what some people saw including it’s own people.

    I just want you to keep more of an open mind about extra terrestrial life having been here when the are trillions of stars in the Universe and that at least 1 Civilization has is 1 million or even multiple million’s of years in front of US with Science and Technology. We are simply put, a “retardation race” compared to them so is it really that far fetched that have can travel 99% of light speed or even faster given they some how managed FTL travel which by our human minds is I will admit inconceivable but to them, it could the greatest Technological advancement of their 1-2 million or more TOTAL EXISTENCE?

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