Q: Is it possible to beat the laws of physics?

Physicist: No…
But to be fair, when a physical law is beaten it stops being a law.

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6 Responses to Q: Is it possible to beat the laws of physics?

  1. Jeroen says:

    It’s impossible by definition :)

  2. sharafali.a says:

    it is possible… otherwise physics doesnt exist. (every action there will be an eaqual reaction)

  3. Aaron Weston says:

    Yes it is, virtual particles violate the law of conservation all the time. All the vaccum of space is filled with them, but they exist for such a short time that “reality doesn’t notice them”.

  4. Bob says:

    Would you consider this as a physical law?

  5. jesse says:

    The moment you can contain, understand and measure “nothing” to which all laws, not just physics, but laws of everything existing came from, will be the point in which you have beat the laws of physics. Afterall, all laws are “able” because of time, space and matter. Only in the mind, spirit and imagination is such a thing possible, that being the realm of infinity. There may seem to be an endless amount of possibilities within this universe, but there is not an infinite amount since our universe did have a beginning. Tap into nothing and you’ll find no beginning, nor end.

  6. Eric Haag says:

    You can find loopholes in physical laws (such as warp drives breaking the light barrier), but you cannot break them.

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