Q: Will the world end tomorrow?

Physicist: Probably not.  Update to follow.

Update (12/22/12): Nope.

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6 Responses to Q: Will the world end tomorrow?

  1. Phyllis McLemore says:

    Since energy vibrates and never ends, but transforms like electricity, then the world will not end. The picture of the world will vibrate forever, even as it’s images seem to fade in concentration.
    We do not end. We are literal stars, vibrating all that the frequency domain vibrates. We are such concentrated images that we continue on to learn and grow whereas the earth may cease to accept people and may lessen in frequency.

  2. Paul Czerner says:

    That presumes that there is such a thing as tomorrow, which presupposes that there is such a thing as a day. There isn’t. There is only shadow and light, there is no day or night.

  3. Bob says:

    The world as we know it will end for all who die tomorrow.

  4. Chris Wright says:

    Well, does proton decay exist, or not?

  5. Muhammad sohail says:

    Yes a day will come that what we see will end.But it must be noted that a new system will start.

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