Dragon*Con 2013

I (Physicist) will be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this year.  Rather than a setting up the usual stand, I’ll be wandering around wearing a beat-up, white t-shirt with the words “Ask a Mathematician Ask a Physicist” emblazoned upon the chest in an X.

If you’re there, and happen to see someone fitting that description, feel free to ask a question or just say hi.  It’s either a Physicist, which is alright, or else it’s someone with a good sense of humor and a t-shirt printer, which is even better.

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  1. Locutus says:

    I won’t be going, since I’m stuck in this something called undergrad college 🙂 , but have fun anyways! You should come and do a lecture or something at UCA (University of Central Arkansas).
    Love Life and Prosper

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