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Physicist: If you happen to be in the LA area this week, I’ll be telling a story for Story Collider about the bizarre, but inspiring experience of doing the “Ask a Mathematician / Ask a Physicist” booth at Burning Man and some of the people we met.

Stranger than you’d think.

It’ll be at the Lyric Hyperion (2106 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA) on Tuesday May 15th starting at 8:00pm.  I rarely say a thing will be good times, but this… will be good times.  There will be four other stories I’m looking forward to hearing live, by four other people who I’m humbled to share a stage with.

You can read about the show and get tickets here.

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2 Responses to Story Collider

  1. Locutus says:

    Burning man tickets are expensive, I hear. Do you get a discount for being an academic?

  2. The Physicist The Physicist says:

    Not hardly. That’s why we’re not out there most years.

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