Q: How do I find the love of my life?

Physicist: If you assume that there’s one person “out there” for you, and you share a deep connection, then go with that.

If you don’t believe in the “deep connection” part, then you’re shit out of luck.

The question I can answer is: “Of N (ladies and/or gentlemen, hereafter “peeps”), how do I find the best (for me)?”.  This question is now essentially the “Secretary Problem“, which happily has an ideal solution.

1) Get N Peeps.

2) Date N/e of them (e=2.718281…).

3) Continuing dating, but the first Peep you meet who’s better than all of the first N/e Peeps, you marry.

4) Stop dating.  This is arguably the most important step.

This procedure has a success rate of about 37% (1/e).  Good luck out there cats and kittens!

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10 Responses to Q: How do I find the love of my life?

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  2. Bob Zander says:

    Secretary is spelled wrong. But this article still made me laugh.

  3. The Mathematician The Mathematician says:

    Thanks, corrected it!

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  5. Tommy Gun says:

    “Success” is also spelled wrong.

    So if the very first person is the best, you’re doomed to continue dating forever? Might be worth it to hang onto all the phone numbers just in case.

  6. Locutus says:

    Getting N peeps is probably the hardest part.

  7. Gumby says:

    Wait… So the ”N peeps”… Would that be the number of people that would be interested in dating you throughout your life? How could you find this number N? Is there a theory for this too?

  8. Flaming Svin says:

    Does that mean if you wouldn’t marry the first one and so on,continually dating all these girls does that mean you would have make all the possible girls your GF?

  9. Flaming Svin says:

    Does the “N peeps” depends on the number of your attractiveness?Cause there’s no way to determine the rational number without basis.

  10. outsidethebox says:

    Dunno. But the best way to NOT find him/her is to stay home alone.

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