Q: Which is better: Math or Physics?

Physicist: Physics.

Mathematician: Math, of course. Can physics do this?

1 = \sum_{k=0}^{\infty} \frac{(2 \pi)^{2 k}}{(2 k)!} (-1)^{k}

Physicist: Lasers, dude.

Mathematician: Lasers, shmasers.

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20 Responses to Q: Which is better: Math or Physics?

  1. sjk says:

    Physics: applied Math. Math: dressed up Logic (Gödel, hush). The natural conclusion, of course…

  2. Alterego says:

    Without light, darkness cannot exist.

    Without physics, math holds no meaning, without math, physics cannot be sensical. Both are equally needed and important. (Also, only haters ask that kind of question. So stop drinking haterade and stop hatin’.)

  3. Neal says:

    “Physics is to math as sex is to masturbation.” -Feynman. (What a badass.)

  4. sharafali.a says:

    “physics is a golden ball… if you want to take it… you should take a ladder called mathematics”

  5. Dr. D. K. Jha says:

    mathematics is the father of all subjects

  6. Math is better than Physics because in physics math is used.There can not be Physics Without Math.

  7. Akash Das says:

    To proof any theorem of physics,math is must..nothing can be proved without math..but one of my fiends says that the thought of adding two no. is physics and the process is done by math.So physics is first.

  8. Jake says:

    Say it’s a dark night in winter and you need to do some mathematics and its pitch black so you go to turn on a light but oh no the light because nobody ever used physics to create a lightbulb

  9. hawk says:

    math of course,Physics without math is nothing1

  10. Josh says:

    This is an easy question to answer, mathematics is more abstract and less practical. Physics is necessary and utilized in every facet of modern technology, mathematicians are more concerned with manipulating numbers than implementing numbers and constructing systems (other than statisticians.)

    I am convinced mathematics and physics are codependent upon one another in many regards. However, I think a person can be good at math and not physics, while a person can be good at “physics” and not math. There have been physicists who could observe nature and understand how systems work WITHOUT mathematics. There are also mathematicians who are excellent at abstract proofs, while being terrible at applying their knowledge.

  11. Jacob Mahto says:

    Mathematics is the language in which the Physics (which is subject) is communicated as well as implemented ! Just like English is important for an American , Hindi to Indian , and so and so.

  12. An astronomer says:


  13. Musa Aku says:

    Mathematics drags realities from imaginaries and its practical assimilation/(possible) application in the natural field is classified as Physics.

  14. Kimi Lee says:

    Math is a language through which physics is conveyed. We model the occurances observed in reality through math, why because you should use a model that’s already created instead of trying to make another model. But I think physics (the things in the physical world essentially) don’t need math to be described, but math makes it easier for us to make predictions, and also to convince sceptics.
    But math, I still don’t know what it is (I’m still learning, and no one has answered my deep burning questions). I understand geometry, but everything else I don’t get how they came up with it? It’s like how’d you get there if you didn’t need to apply it to something first, that’s where physics comes in.
    But this view of mine may be biased, so who knows.

  15. Math is the most important subject for me but I still nees physics to the tool.

  16. Sadha Vishwa says:

    Guyz u may say the better aspects of physics and can say physics is ore important than maths but think on selling, marketing or even just adding the cost of your household provisions there are more field were no physics is employed and there is no nook and corner of universe where maths has its scope and I LIKE TO BE A MATHEMATICIAN

  17. Lori says:

    Step 1: Creation of the concept of 1 & 0 by Mathematicians
    Step 2: Use of 1 & 0 in binary
    Step 3: Create computers
    Step 4: Create the internet
    Step 5: Use your computer on the internet to ask whether Math is better than Physics and argue your side.

    Theorem: Math is better than Physics since you can not have this argument without Mathematics.

  18. Ayush Jaiswal says:

    Mathematics is the KING of all subjects physics we can say
    Damn Physics is so boring at some stages especially the electrical part and typical semiconductors fuck that subject chemistry is far better than it Maths is fun

  19. Saikat says:

    Physics is far more interesting than Math. It’s a mind bending subject (relativity, quantum mechanics etc.)

    Math is BOOOOOORING!!

    and you’re made up of electrons & that’s pure physics!! so don’t even open your mouth against PHYSICS!!

    sooooooooooooooo, interesting!!! it’s like an adventurous, mysterious and thrilling movie! mind bender!


    you go out there and feel the nature and wonder what’s happening and why is that!! wow! what a feeling! you are a truth seeker!!


    where’s all these in math?!

    I know math is vital. But Physics is more INTERESTING! and surely more influential than math! :P

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