Q: If energy is neither created nor destroyed, what happens to the energy within our bodies and brains when we die?

Quick note: If you’re presently grieving, don’t read this.

The original question was: If energy is neither created nor destroyed, what happens to the energy within our bodies and brains when we die?  I think I understand that the metabolic energy tied up in our cells will be used in the decomposition process, but what about the electrical energy in our brains/bodies?  This would seem to be a measurable amount of energy that at the moment of death is no longer required by the body/brain and would have to go somewhere.  I’m not asking from a theological or spiritual perspective, but strictly as a question of physics.

… [is there] a measurable radiation of heat at the moment of death.  Do you know if there have been experiments that have measured the heat loss and correlated it to the known amount of electrical energy in the human body?

Physicist: Electrical energy is nothing special.  Just like the chemical energy in our bodies, it breaks down into heat.  For example, the heat given off by light bulbs (or electric heaters for that matter!) is a result of electrical energy.  When electricity is flowing to a light bulb, that’s where the electrical energy is going; it’s turning into light.  When you pull the plug (so to speak) what tiny, tiny amount of electrical energy there is in the wires runs out almost immediately.

The term “electrical energy” is actually a little vague.  So, to be specific, in our nervous system there are tiny ion pumps that maintain an imbalance of charges between the inside and outside of the nerve cells.  When a nerve cell fires, charges are allowed to suddenly flow through the cell membrane in a process called an “action potential“.  The way electricity flows along nerve cells is different from the way it flows down a telegraph wire (“inside-to-outside” instead of “along”), but whatever.  The point is, there are mechanisms that maintain an imbalance of charge (which is electricity waiting to happen), and that imbalance is drained a little bit every time the nerve fires.

Death (excluding spectacular deaths) isn’t instantaneous.  In fact, what with medical science, it’s become more and more difficult to even define when people are dead.  Time was you could define death as being a lack of heart beat, but people have come back from worse (by that metric, Dick Cheney has been dead for a while).  Death is more of a break-down of the whole system, as opposed to a sudden event.  The heart stops doing whatever hearts do when they’re not loving, oxygen and nutrients stop going where they’re needed, and in short order the nerve cells in the body lose the wherewithal to pump ions.  Like batteries that are no longer being recharged, they run down.  Nothing special.  Like every kind of energy, whether electrical, kinetic, sonic, or sports fever, the electrical potential in the body eventually becomes heat energy (it’s an entropy thing).

The energy we “carry around” takes the form of chemical energy like fats and sugars.  When our nervous system creates electrical energy we lose an equal amount of chemical energy.  So, rather than being energy itself, life is all about moving energy around from one form to another.

What this question is clearly really about is the fact that it seems as though there’s a fundamental difference between animate and inanimate people.  Admittedly, dead folk are a hair less energetic than living people (with some exceptions).  There are a few kinds of energy (surprisingly few), but spiritual energy doesn’t seem to be one of them.  In terms of physical energy, the difference between a living body and a very recently dead body is just a question of how that energy is being organized.  Living critters in general are very good at using chemical energy for things like moving, growing, etc.  Newly dead critters have about the same amount of chemical energy, it’s just that they don’t use it.  Instead, whatever comes along to consume the body uses it (whether that’s fire or decomposition or whatever).

There have been many, surprisingly callous, attempts to measure a drop in energy and/or mass leaving the body at the so-called “moment of death”.  However, these experiments have been vague and, much worse, unrepeatable.  The most famous is the experiment by Dr. Duncan MacDougall in which, by putting patients dying of tuberculosis on giant scales, he found that those patients lost 21 grams on average between life and death.  To be fair, homeboy had 6 data points (that is: people) and a lot of statistical noise, so his conclusions have about the same amount of statistical weight as “vaccines cause Autism“.  To date, there are no confirmable experiments that show that anything special happens during death, other than a general “shutting down”.  In particular, nothing that’s both “inspiring” and verifiable seems to suddenly leave the body when we die, materially or energetically.

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  1. Michelle Cory says:

    To Rachel,
    hope you read this, everything the author said in the article is scientific fact. when you die you start loosing your energy very fast, it dissapates into the universe and turns to heat . all energy turns to heat. Your energy does not contain thoughts or feelings once you die.
    the neurons die and the thoughts die.

    people came up with all this garbage back in the seventies to prove their was life after death. That neurosurgeon was not brain dead. If he was he wouldn’t have come back with his brain working.
    I have become obsessed with all this at different points in my life, until i studied biology and death.
    Once the heart stops you have about 4 minutes to get it pumping. or you will be brain dead. once your brain dead you don’t come back.
    hugs Michelle

  2. john smith says:

    You are wrong. Read this article about a footballer whos heart stopped for 78 minutes and he is no brain dead. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2012/mar/25/muamba-collapse-minute-by-minute

  3. jon says:

    I would like to ask the same question but relating to listening through headphones.
    Assuming (and I realise its not absolutely true, but in theory) the sound does not leak out 7 goes straight into the ears & brain, what happens to this sound after you ve heard it?

  4. Randy says:

    Everyone has a life force.

  5. Nora Paramo says:

    Does anyone know what happens to the matter? They say matter is always recycled and there’s possibly the same matter in our bodies as historic people. If this is true (which it probably is), could someone please explain why and how? Thanks. 🙂

  6. Sam says:

    In general the electrical and chemical energy in a human body is disseminated in a variety of ways. we first evacuate all orfices as waste, then decomposure starts as heat and micro organisms began to take on the varies energies. when electrical energies can no longer maintain stability close to 100% is dissapated as heat.

  7. Wes says:

    “jon says:
    May 10, 2016 at 3:39 pm
    I would like to ask the same question but relating to listening through headphones.
    Assuming (and I realise its not absolutely true, but in theory) the sound does not leak out 7 goes straight into the ears & brain, what happens to this sound after you ve heard it?”
    jon, This brings up an interesting parable. But first I will answer your question. The sound from the headphones does leak. It immediately leaks partly through the headphones, but much of it goes into your ear canals and vibrates your eardrums. And some ear canal vibration still leaks through your head. Each sound vibration creates a little heat within your ear and that heat leaks out your head too. From there it leaks into Earth’s atmosphere where the vibration can’t leak into outer space because there is a vacuum there. So the sound is trapped on Earth where it gets weaker and weaker. Why does it get weaker? Because the molecules that make up earth gradually turn the vibration to heat energy from friction. Then it leaks out to outer space because radiation doesn’t mind traveling through a vacuum. Where does it go from there? It helps fill space with energy just like the half-life decay of atoms finally do themselves (after eons). Eventually everything, even atoms, will become radiation in the vacuum of space.

    Which brings up the parable I mentioned earlier. “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/If_a_tree_falls_in_a_forest)
    If the very last atom decays to energy and no matter remains in the universe to detect it, does it make a light?

    “Nora Paramo says:
    May 14, 2016 at 3:48 pm
    Does anyone know what happens to the matter? They say matter is always recycled and there’s possibly the same matter in our bodies as historic people. If this is true (which it probably is), could someone please explain why and how? Thanks. 🙂 ”
    Nora, this is absolutely true. Suppose someone ancient dies trying to cross the Alps. Dust and atoms of their former makeup began to escape the cadaver. This matter floats down into a meadow and fertilizes the grass where sheep graze on it and grow fat. The shepherd’s family has mutton for supper a few months later and they eat some of the travelers atoms. Voila!

    We got smart and bury almost all cadavers nowadays. But we might breathe some of the same air that was once breathed by an ancient relative. This relative might have turned some air into a hydrocarbon within their body. After they were buried, the dust was trapped. But gases still escaped from the grave. Voila!
    With all the interesting posts the Physicist has made, this is the one that attracts the most email notice responses. Human nature, I guess.


  8. Sandra says:

    I enjoyed reading this article, and I haven’t read through all the comments, but I’m curious. The author states “dead folk are a hair less energetic than living people [with some exceptions]” and that “spiritual energy doesn’t seem to be one of them”. My question is if perspective influences the chemical and electrical energy that causes nerve cell ‘action potential’ which is emitted before and after death, and whether perspective perhaps reflects the reference to ‘spiritual energy’ and even ‘some exceptions’?

  9. SammyD says:

    In response to our esteem physicist, all of what you stated is scientific fact of the organic machine, so why can’t the Dr.Frankensteins in the real world ever create life? Did they not find the “God” particle? If it is such a well understood mechanism, what has stopped their success?

  10. Benny says:

    This denies a basic truth. Energy doesn’t carry consciousness. Consciousness directs energy. Every neuron triggered, every action you take, every pulse, every wave, all light, all sound, all radiation, we’ve been looking for the spirit within them, but they’re all within the spirit. To the bang’s last echo, all that is will always be.

  11. Nikhil jose says:

    energy can neither be created nor be destroyed(energy conservation law)*when a person die,the carbon in his body is transferred to insect which makes food on it and then the carbon is transferred to predators who makes food of this insects.*when a person die,the nitrogen & iron in him is transferred to the soil and then to the plants.

  12. Wes says:

    The Physicist basically asks (and answers), “What happens to the ‘life energy’ after death?” This is, by far, the most popular Question/Answer, The Physicist has ever presented.

    To understand ‘life energy’ followed by death, perhaps some (or many) people would find it helpful from a scientific standpoint, to understand what life is, how it has come into being and how it is lost. To more thoroughly answer this question, there is a current TV PBS Stephen Hawking series that has a quite interesting heuristic explanation that makes it rather simple for anyone to understand. For the one hour program (called What Are We?), click on:

    Surely anyone who wants to know what happens at death (the end of life), is willing to spend 55 minutes to first learn what happened at creation (the beginning of life).


  13. TP says:

    I also have been consumed for years studying consciousness life and death religion science blah blah blah . Sometimes I’m firm with a belief for a while than I change my mind . Anyhow today what I’m floating around is people say consciousness is everywhere what does that mean ? What is consciousness maybe a form of energy maybe a spirit maybe just the air in earths biosphere Eco system maybe a undiscovered form of energy no machine can measure yet ? I’m wondering if the human body our skin our biology to Keep it simple is for all practical purposes a blanket of sorts that wraps around consciousness resulting in narrowing down consciousness to the size of a new born baby hence newborn innocent naive ignorant no awareness of self and as it grows bigger it opens the field absorbing consciousness based on its body the skin . In other words our bodies limit our consciousness until we grow and lean because the body skin wrapped itself around consciousness which is everywhere all the time like the body is a handicap a wall locking in a narrow perspective of consciousness . The energy field has been contained by our bodies this explains why we want to learn and grow but really we want to shed this spacesuit and be released freed back into higher levels of conscioness !

  14. DHART says:

    Dark Energy: could this mysterious form of energy be the accumulation of the remnants of the life energy which departs from all living organisms throughout the universe when they die?

  15. Derik says:

    This article shows how arrogant people can be. How do you know what happens after your body dies? You have no clue. You won’t know until your body dies. Almost every religion in the world talks about life after physical death. Unless you are God, and you aren’t, you will never know anything beyond the physical realm until you are not physical anymore. So stop pretending you are some kind of intelligent source. You are ignorant of all things.

  16. Sam says:

    @Derik – Tell that to the 10E5 people who have experienced out of body NDE’s

  17. ENGLISH BOB says:

    All most everyone alive at this moment, will be dead in one hundred years or less. why not make the most of today. and let tomorrow take care of tomorrow, which never arrives anyway.

  18. Obryn Hunter says:

    I don’t understand the reason for the introductory admonition, “If you are presently grieving, don’t read this.” I am presently grieving and it helped me greatly…..

  19. The first law of thermodynamics applies to black hole thermodynamics. The current string theory interpretation of the holographic principle defines our universe as existing as a hologram where all the quantum information we perceive in 3D is stored in 2D. David Bohm also developed a corresponding holonomic brain theory by which every quantized moment of our existence and experiences in the universe can theoretically be encoded and stored. Rather than a constant flow of experience, mental states can be broken up in intervals or time-quanta of 0.042 seconds, each of which make up one moment of neural substrate. Each state consists of a certain amount of quantum information which can theoretically be stored on a hard drive for example; and there is much progress ongoing in this technology. This holographic model of reality allows for phenomena considered “paranormal” such as near-death experiences for example. This is because the universe as a single hologram solves the mystery of quantum entanglement which Einstein called “spooky actions from a distance.”

    Because quantum vibrations have been discovered in microtubules in the brain, a theory developed by the emminent physicist Roger Penrose known as Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch-OR), which allows for a person’s quantum mind to exist in the multiverse according to as derived from the Many-WORLDS interpretation of quantum mechanics, and its extending concept of Many-MINDS interpretation. At death, the quantum information processed inside these microtubules doesn’t disappear. Instead, it is retained on the edge of the event horizon of the singularity from which our universe projected; thereby allowing the information to be retrieved after death. Quantum immortality theoretically allows for a person’s continued existence at the time of death into a communicating parallel universe where the person is not dead and continues to exist. Accordingly, when someone dies, a person’s holographic brain and its quantum mental state, which exists in superposition in a communicating parallel universe according to Many-Worlds, decohers into that universe’s eigenstate where the person is not dead, thereby allowing for continued existence.

  20. ENGLISH BOB says:

    Hi; I was born and raised in the countryside and spent my life with livestock of all sorts, it’s all part of the circle of life. Telling me not to read it, was like saying, keep off the grass, or wet paint. I just had to fined out for myself. I lost my mum not so long ago and found the question and comments, very reassuring. Thank you.

  21. blairinsanity says:

    I have been wondering this i love science but i was always Intrigued by kinetic energy and potential energy and when you die if it actually makes heat or if it moves around the earth in the air i never understood it but i have always wanted too make sense of it…maybe ill understand the more i go through school, i am only fourteen but could someone help me make an understanding of this?

  22. gabriel says:

    I’ve realized this life is all from atoms our very sun has gave us …we see death as a horrible thing ,but dont forget we were once another form traveled through dna ,and all different types of particles… can you remember being semen or for that matter a fetus ,no and when we transformed it was death of the last formation …meaning when you die you are actually transforming … death is but a word we gave definition through but all it is ,is just transformation …they dont know what happens to our light because its a god particle thats being tested as we speak .. the sun gives us life with out it ,there’d be no existence …when we die our body goes through phases of decomposure that sends us all types of ways in to particles as for your concious ,or thoughts you wont remember as you didnt in your last transformation ..but you will still be here …we will all be here through particles that re-cycle themselves… when you are born your made of so many different aroms and particles and your entire life programs the brain ,thats why a child doesnt know any better because he is still being programmed …life is very simple but dogma and religion have made it complex…. and evolution does exist and so do aliens if you want to know more just ask and ill explain my philosophy which has evidence to back up 🙂

  23. ENGLISH BOB says:

    Very well put. The entire universe is one big recycling machine.

  24. Key says:

    Look… I disagree. As a Physicist myself I will say you are stepping into an unknown realm of scientific fact. So please do not comment that these are facts! They are not! I will tell you why. I have suffered from severe anxiety disorder for 30 years. I am a 39 year old female. However about 10 years ago something very strange started happening to me. I refer to it as absorption and dispensing. I began to have seizures with an unknown cause. This unto itself is not unusual nor is a person having a anxiety disorder. However during a routine eye exam I was rushed to the emergency room because it was discovered that my optic nerves were enlarged, diagnosed with pseudotumor. (false tumor) . Caused by excess fluid on the brain, although the true cause of this medical issue is unknown it is believed to be caused by hormonal issues. Which can also cause the anxiety issues as the Medulla disperses too much adrenaline into the blood stream at random times or with certain triggers. Then the seizures began. During treatment for the seizures and excess fluid on my brain the absorption and dispensing began. In other words… I have a very rare, practically unheard case of electrical energy absorption. I can touch someone, sit in the same seat as someone, touch a piece of mail, or simply sit in the same room as someone during the absorption phase and absorb their electrical energy. They do not even know they are giving off. Completely unaware a person does do this naturally. But it gets bigger. While absorbing this energy, I can see them. I mean really see them. Their thoughts, their family members, their deepest secrets. When my body is at the limit of absorption, I dispense. In the dispensing process I have the severest of my anxiety attacks and seizures. My stored energy and electrical absorptions are being dispersed. It has caused me to hide from public. Hide from people. Some call it a gift, I see nothing gifted about it. If you seen the world through my eyes you would feel the same way. Energy is transferred. So I will say at this point much research is still needed in this area, and field. I have walked into rooms with multiple people during an absorption phase and immediately have had to leave because of the overload of energy flowing from them. Energy upon death does go somewhere. Where? I do not know, but it does not just get cold and die. Believe that!

  25. Michelle says:

    To John Smith.I am not wrong. He was a unique case. because cpr was star ted on him immediately he had some oxygen going to his brain. they put him on ice which preserves the cells and was resecitated 25 times. He Had a cardiac surgeon with him the whole time. mainly, he did not loose oxygen in the first four minutes. which is most unusual. the faster you get functional cpr ,the better chance you have. I quess you should teach your loved ones to perform it.

  26. Jeff says:

    Space, time, and death don’t exist… biocenterism and Einstein proved that

  27. Wes says:

    “Space, time, and death don’t exist… biocenterism and Einstein proved that”
    Now you’ve done it, Jeff. Saying something like “death doesn’t exist” is a proven fact right before Halloween and the usual zombie problems. The only thing that saves us, is you offer forth it is also a proven fact there is no time, nor place, for anything to go wrong either.

  28. Leo J says:

    Spoken like a true elecrical engineer! The fact of the matter remains, however, that there’s something in the human consciusness that physicists today cannot even begin to explain.

    It is irrelevant whether or not electricity plays a primary role in the inner workings of the consciusness, that is, whether electricity carries that consciusness or is merely the energy that drives the brain. When the question is, what happens to the electricity in the human brain when we die, the answer shouldn’t be written solely from the outdated classical physics perspective that treats the brain as a mechanical computer that dies once the power runs out. The answer should at least mention that from the quantum physics perspective the human consciusness transcends the physical brain and is somehow connected to the universe.

    Without theoretical physics we’d still be counting with abacuses.

    This short blog article by Robert Lanza gives an interesting “alternate” answer to the question from a quantum physics viewpoint:

    http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/810936 (if the link is removed, google “Robert Lanza Five Reasons You Won’t Die”.)

  29. Rob says:

    Electricity was discovered, radioactivity was discovered. Amongst other discoveries we have a glimpse of a tiny tiny part of the electro magnetic spectrum. We know of dimensions, a glimpse of a tiny tiny part of the structure of absolutely everything. Finite brains attempting infinite calculations. The essence of our conscious energy which may awaken in another life or spiritual entity within another dimension is undiscoverable but not because it doesn’t exist. It’s undiscoverable in the same way an eye cannot truly see itself.

  30. Rob says:

    Scientists who preach scientific fact as a replacement for belief systems need to consider why do we have an imagination? Concepts materialise out of an imagination and even they cant be quantified or proved, that doesn’t mean they aren’t real. If we did evolve from primitive primates then we must accept that our brains, no matter how well we’ve done academically are finite entities both in capacity and lifespan. How can a finite entity deal with the concept of eternity, existence, deity. Is there such a thing as absolute knowledge? Absolute undisputable fact? I’ve never been to the pacific floor but I believe that it is there. Knowledge addiction isn’t healthy, if it were we wouldn’t attempt most of what we do for fear of failure in our subsequent attempt to quantify limitless probability calculations.

  31. Taxi-Steve says:

    I always find these types of posts interesting, yet futile. It is my personal belief that man has not yet evolved in his intellect, or has not yet found the answers to, or even all of the variables needed to answer this question.

    This by no means infers that we should stop the debates and stop seeking the answers. Seeking the answers is part of our evolution process, While coming up with a supernatural cover all solution will put our minds at ease, it will also stop the evolution progress, which will one day give us the true answer. As much as this was attempted to be A purely scientific post, it is obviously going to create the same old religion versus science argument. I have no problem with people having belief systems that make life more pleasant for them, so long as it doesn’t prevent others from moving forward as they look for alternate explanations. At this time, it seems like the answer will never be found, but this has been true for many other questions since our existence. It will most likely take many generations, But so long as man lives long enough, he will find the answer eventually.

  32. Bill says:

    So is a memory just a chemical reaction embedded on a neuron? How does the brain know the location. To fire up a memory?

  33. Ryan says:

    I think because humans are made of energy, I think when you die your energy is like a disease and it goes into some other person and that energy creates life (Sperm.)

  34. Rio says:

    The wondrous thing called life. Truly fantastic in that we are still finding things that we had no idea were there. Such as, a planet that is a sphere, gravity, Plancks, exoplanets, space fabric, dark matter, black holes, gravitational waves………………… It is really quite possible to discover something that would blow you mind…again.

  35. Cross says:

    Explain this; I hadn’t seen or heard from my great grandfather in 25 years. I had little to no contact with him in my adult life. As a little kid, we were close, until my parents divorced, and I was moved 5 states away.

    The night he died, I had no idea, as I lay on my sofa and fell asleep. I started dreaming of a funeral…the scarey part was that I was not fully asleep…I had just started to fall asleep. I saw a church made of stone, and people going inside. The bell at the top of the church started to ring….just like they do in town at certain times. This scared me and I sat up and thought to myself, thank god, that must have been a dream…I didn’t know what it was.

    No sooner I had that thought, that bell started raining in my house. I lived in a dead in road out in the country with no churches. This bell was LOUD…and I freaked the hell out. Woke up my husband, panicked…the bell would ring in 3s, pause and start again. My husband couldn’t hear it…and that really scared me. At that point, he grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me. He thought I’d cracked up, and so did I. The bell faded after a minute, and I was left crying…without realizing it, I was also repeating over and over to my husband…that somebody was going to die. I just knew…I don’t know how or why I got this message, but that night my great grandfather who was living 5 states away, died. I found out the very next morning when my dad called me. I went to grandpas funeral later that week.

    Also, for years I had a dreams about a young man…about 20 or so. I never paid much attention to them, he would just show up in my dreams randomly…a few times he would stand to the side with a yellow neon sign that read the year, 1968. I wasn’t born until 1978. I had no idea what this meant, but after several random dreams that year about him…not knowing if he was real or not…I asked my mom if any young men died in our family…she said no. I told her about the dreams, and the year 1968 being lit up on a neon yellow sign. She said grandma on her dads side died that year.

    Well, back to grandpas funeral…his obituary was in the our local paper, because he grew up in the state I live in, and moved to Texas over 40 years ago. As I was reading his obituary online…there it was. He was proceeded in death by his 3rd son, who died in Vietnam in 1968, 2 months before his 21st birthday. I had dreams about him years before I knew he existed, including the year he died.

    Physics cant explain this stuff.

    I respect you as a scientist, and as a physicist….and I’m not afraid to die.

    But, you really shouldn’t talk or write like you know everything, because I can assure you…you don’t.

  36. Cross says:

    Oh, and I thought I would add…that after research on this bell, I found out it was called the British knell or death knell. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the British would ring the church bell in town to let the village know that somebody had passed away. I had never heard of this before, but that’s how I found out that my great grandfathers surname was British, and his grandparents were British.

  37. Sharon Crawford says:

    What about the belief of scientists that there is a highly intelligent form of life living within the outer corona of most stars and that includes out own sun. These alien beings are electromagnetic beings of light. Some people have speculated that these beings of light need energy if they managed to travel to the earth, which would explain why so much electro magnetic energy is being sucked out of haunted houses and how they seem to be able to manipulate electronic household appliances. Does anyone know about this strange discovery?

  38. Jose tasayco says:

    Energy whether is positive or negative it’s still energy.. can it be trapped in some form? What can attract energy? And if so while being trapped in some form of device can it somehow communicate via the trap device? Gotta call my weed guy this shit is grade A stuff!

  39. Sharon Crawford says:

    Is everything within the known universe really, “Time, Space, and Matter”? Physicists now claim that we are in fact living within an illusion and that this illusion would vanish if the atoms stopped their energetic spinning. We would then be living in some kind of ghost world where nothing was solid. My experience with energy is that it is frozen within matter and that it must be extracted somehow, (ie. burned out of some kind of hydro/carbon and is all heat energy). Now how, in the universe, do all these energetic electrons get all this energy? One person, who professed a knowledge of physics, told me that it was called the immortality of physics. Another physicist told me that it was all electromagnetic energy. So would someone please tell me what and where this strange force of energy comes from. After all, we do manufacture massive amounts of this energy in power plants with which to run our entire modern society on. Should we maybe say that everything is actually, “Time, Space, and Energy?”

  40. Elizabeth says:

    We are all made of stardust and energy.

  41. Scott says:

    What about ” Deja Vu ? and what about Deja vu with a twist,,, the twist,, being somewhere, or someone saying something that you know you day dreamed about prior too? There is more to life than just the body we presently reside in and so much more that our tiny minds can not even begin to comprehend.

  42. Narwal guy! says:

    I am understanding it, but am demanding more information for and about what attracted energy in the first place. Am also confused about the time,space and energy.

    – an inquiring 9 year old

  43. Priyal thakur says:

    Energy cannot be created nor destroyed it transfer from one form to another…..Hinduism believes in recarnation….It tells that energy(soul)cannot be created nor destroyed it transform from one form(life) to anotherform(life)

  44. A Masked Man says:

    Energy Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed
    Is energy always conserved, even in the case of the expanding universe?

  45. Ron Williams says:

    This question seems to bring out all of the people who are not scientists, physicists or people with much more than a collection of beliefs or ideas that they have picked up over time. I don’t know what will happen to whatever energy is resident within my body and brain when I die, but I’ll bet it is not most of the things stated in this series of posts. It’s my unsubstantiated belief that over a period of minutes, hours, days, and months the “energy” will dissipate though a complex series of processes that will leave much of the bone remaining and little of the soft tissue remaining to the extent that embalming permits that to occur. AND I don’t think I will know upon death what is happening to my body or brain – at least, I hope not.

  46. I think our energy goes back to earth/universe. Once neurons stop firing after death, the energy is slowly transmitted to the Natural electric field of the Earth

  47. Connor says:

    My thing with all of this is pondering upon the idea of how much energy actually exists. How can it recycle if it cannot be created nor destroyed, if the universe is expanding, wouldn’t that mean energy is too? Where and what do they mean by a singularity who has created this energy. Maybe our perception of beginning and end is all wrong. Maybe since we humans have inquired consciousness over our existence, we believe that everything has to have a beginning and an end. In reality, if you think about it, they just loop around to one another. What if there was no beginning and there is no end? We cannot perceive anything different as this is beyond our train of thinking. But if we transcend our subjective thoughts, maybe we will see that there doesn’t exist a beginning or a singularity for that matter.

    Also I really wish that there were more people like the people in this thread. You know what they say, by bouncing ideas off one another, incredible things happen. Just look at every inventor Ever to exist.

  48. Key says:

    This is a real possibility. I think humans look at LIFE as a basis for this thought process. They are physically born, and then they physically die. Giving the impression that ALL things must begin and end. The one thing I have learned about science is this, (as a M.I.T grad)… All things are possible until factually disproven. We as a race in the universe cannot even touch what is really going on in the universe.

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